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Thread: Jackson Lee on Reparations: Discussion 'Long Overdue' Relating to Enslaved People, Sl

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    Jackson Lee on Reparations: Discussion 'Long Overdue' Relating to Enslaved People, Sl

    Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) participated in a segment featuring a discussion about reparations for the enslavement of those of African descent in American. Jackson Lee explained her legislation, which begins a “long overdue” discussion about the topic. “[T]his discussion is long overdue as it relates to enslaved people and slaves in the United States,” Jackson Lee said. “Four million Africans were enslaved here in the United States. One million African-Americans have been incarcerated across this nation.” According to Jackson Lee, her H.R. 40 bill was introduced on the first day of Congress in 2019 to create a commission to study reparations. “They understand it is long overdue for a national dialogue dealing with Africans, African-Americans as slaves,” she said. “This was an institutionalized and condoned action by the government from 1619 to 1865. De jure and de facto acts have shown the impact on African-Americans.” Follow Jeff Poor on Twitter @jeff_poor


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    This con artist thinks that she can squeeze money out of the black african warrior class and the north african arab that those two entities captured and sold black slaves to the jooooish interests who in turn use joo shipping to move those slaves to the Americas where they were mostly sold by joos to other jooooos.....that's her plan? NOOOOOOO....her plan is to make everyone pay through taxation, this another wealth redistribution scam.
    " If you can't be well liked, be well hated"

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    She's a nigger to big corporations, being the main beneficiaries of free money to niggers. The middle class will take the hit, and they have nothing to do with slavery except their own.

    She's a rotten liar, and I'm sick of this guilt shit. Get rid of all of them -- back to Africa. Fuck 'em.

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    I guarantee you that the corporations who profit from free money to niggers are not going to ever face up to what they are doing to people.

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    Do retail stocks go up as this horrific misappropriation gets closer?

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