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Thread: Dick's to Dump Guns and Hunting Items.

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    Dick's to Dump Guns and Hunting Items.

    Removing hunting items from 125 stores.

    Dick’s Sporting Goods is losing two major categories in 2019: hunting and Reebok.

    Last year, Dick’s removed hunting items from 10 stores where it underperformed. After the removal, those stores generated positive comp sales in Q4. “Following this success,” Dick’s CEO Ed Stack said on the Q4 earnings call, “we will remove Hunt from approximately 125 additional Dick’s stores in 2019 where the category underperforms.”

    Dick’s defines the hunting category as rifles and ammunition, plus “accessories associated with firearms, hunting apparel, anything associated with hunting,” Dick’s president Lauren Hobart clarified later on the call. “It would not include kayaks and other outdoor activities like that.”

    On Tuesday’s call, Dick’s signaled that the Field & Stream brand may soon go away. “We’re not sure exactly what we’re going to do with it,” said Stack. “We’re not opening any new Field & Stream stores. And right now, on a formal basis they’re cash flow positive and they’re not a drain on the company.”

    See also:
    Dick's is based in upstate New York, home of Woodstock.
    Nike ad on Dick's website.

    Don't trip on your salwar kameez, bhagwan.

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    Correction: Dick's was based in upstate NY. It has since relocated to Coraopolis, PA.

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    most of the Ganders are already closed. guess its LL Bean then
    its akin to trying to lead a horse by holding a carrot near its just aint gonna work

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    ... and Cabela's

    Hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation generally are so yesterday.

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    Eh, no big loss. I hate Dicks and the prices on their guns was nothing special. Cabela's is way better.

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