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Thread: Meet Soph

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    Where is she coming from?

    More importantly, where is she going?

    Could you get 10 to 20 just posting this stuff in a forum called "Coochie Talk"?

    I can't finish a single clip, and every new one loses me faster than the one before.

    Certifiably boring.

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    When she turns 21, she will look back on these dumb clips and grumble to herself, "I was certifiably boring."

    How embarrassing that will be. Ha ha!

    Could have already happened -- at least she's that smart.

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    Of course, if they eventually make her rich and famous, I could be the one looking back grumbling, "I was certifiably wrong. It was really me all along."

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    Wasn't aware Guapo had a gun to your head, Lummy.

    That's too bad.
    ___,o` `.-''' ```-._.----.
    (_\ (_\

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    I wasn't either. I must say, you have extraordinary insight. It is too bad. Tell him that, thanks.

    Meanwhile, I'll try to figure out what you're talking about.

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    Could be the girl of Ben Shapiro's dreams. Their spawn would yammer up a hurricane.

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    leave... soph...ALONE!!!1

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    Quote Originally Posted by El guap0 View Post
    leave... soph...ALONE!!!1

    Feels like I’m forcibly inside him.

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    Maybe he's describing the milieu from which the (one-and-only) anti-Christ will arise?

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