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Thread: I wish Cotton were here..

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    We've been watching that here..
    There are some great ones. The "pull up" I quoted is from Air France Flight 447. There is also Mayday aircrash , Natl Geo aircrash and 6 ww2 aircrash investigations. One of the more interesting is I believe its either flight 32 or 111 NYC to Zurich on Swiss Air. Another good one is a Qantas enroute to Perth that experienced a 4 engine failure. I have seen every single one. Funny story, when I was about 12 years old ne , my dad , a friend of mine and his dad were in Dads Navajo flying to the Indy 500. My friend ate about a dozen chocolate donuts and shit his pants on the plane. I LMAO. His dad was furious lol . Some of my best and earliest memories are being in the cropdusters with one of the pilots scaring the shit out of me. Good times
    Where is my fucking cat?

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    Yes..flight 111, Swiss Air

    Where is my fucking cat?

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