You gotta admire a man like Joseph Smith. He could of just gone with one of the regular churches of his time, but God spoke to him and told him they were all corrupt and he needed to build the one true church, the one that has become the LDS one today. It was normal back then to just have one wife, but his church was getting super powerful and God saw that lots of the women needed help. Well, ol' Joseph was pretty dang well off, so God ordered him to marry a whole bunch of women so that he could help'em with his resources. Some filthy evil communist anti-LDS sinners holler that he was just a horny fella and so he changed his religion so's he could bed lots of women. That's a load of huey! If you look up pictures of his wives, you'll see most of them ain't exactly lookers. Joseph Smith married them under God's orders and it was to help them. What a nice and good man and a holy person! You better accept God's prophet Joseph Smith or God's gonna get so man that he'll send his son Jesus Christ back to the earth armed with a golf club and he'll smash you in the face with it. Just accept the Lord's prophets. The Lord loves you. So does Joseph Smith. And if you're a woman and God ever orders you to lift your skirt and take off your panties and bend over to take Joseph Smith's hard schlong up your cunt, you better obey his commands or God will hate your guts so much he'll tie you up and have Joseph Smith rape you like you deserve.

Anyways, I got a message from God to post this loving message. Amen.