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Thread: liberals communists and Democrats know nothing about sin

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    liberals communists and Democrats know nothing about sin

    These evil anti Americans don't even know sin when they see it and they don't even know that they're sinning and making God mad. When you get your cock hard at the thought of humping another man's tush, that makes God furious and he gets even madder when you hump him up his ass. God nearly throws up and he has to hold back to keep from destroying us all. They're playing with fire and we'll all suffer from it when God has finally had it and unleashes a hellish firestorm against us all. These sinners don't even know how evil they are and how DISGUSTING they are and how much God hates them. Communism is SICK and it's theft of every productive person's property.

    I hate Democrats and feminists and all these rotten sinners who refuse to listen to God. Joseph Smith translated the word of God so that we could all get in touch with God and get our sins forgave. The prophets before that did it with the Bible, but Democrat perverts would rather lust over another man's buttshole. That's just so sick!!!! Today's women are a bunch of filthy and evil whores who screw around and piss God the fuck off. The average American woman today has 1,368 different sexual partners before she finally gets married. Then she marries way to old and has moronic Down Syndrome babies that will become drooling morons totally useless to society.

    We're turning into a bunch of blathering Down Syndrome Democrat queer buttfucking morons who hate God and have no idea how filthy and disgusting we are. If your reading this and it hits home, get on yoru knees right this instant and say an prayer to God, Jesus, Joseph Smith,and the Holy Ghost and BEG for forgiveness for being a filthy, evil, worthless, subhuman queer faggot Democrat who deserves to get raped up the ass with a broomstick and then go to hell. God might forgive you fi your sincere enough.

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    Nancy Pelosi has checked in her brain in exchange for a crown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lum View Post
    Nancy Pelosi has checked in her brain in exchange for a crown.
    Nancy Pelosi is an evil cunt who deserves to be executed by an axe throwing squad. She enables baby killers and evil feminists. Women don't belong in our Congress. Women are not natural leaders. They're good at baking pies, fucking, and raising kids. But they need guidance from men. Without that they make terrible decisions. Women should have no right to vote. They vote Democrat too damn much. They should also have no right to drive unsupervised and no right to choose who they marry. If some guy wants to marry a particular woman, he should approach her father and pay him however many goats and chickens he's asking for his daughter's hand in marriage. The father will make a way smarter choice than any dumb-ass slut will.

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