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Thread: Punishments for women who cheat on their deployed soldier husbands

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    Punishments for women who cheat on their deployed soldier husbands

    Any woman who cheats on her soldier husband when he's deployed deserves death by hanging with a short rope. Marriage is an oath before God to love, honor, and obey your husband in good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health. The breaking of any part of those sacred vows should be punished by the most ruthless and cruel death that we can imagine. Life is super fucking rough and scary for any deployed soldier. He's off in a foreign land and doesn't know if he'll get blown up by an IED or shot by an AK or whatever. Any woman who is cozy and comfy back home and can't endure the inconvenience of not regularly having an erect penis in her cunt needs to endure that till her husband returns home. If she doesn't, if she cheats with some dude named Tyrone Jefferson or whatever, then we need to construct a crude gallows with a short rope and have her stand on a chair, put a noose around her neck, and kick that chair out from under her and watch her dangle there slowly choking to death. Make a reality TV show of it. I would love to host it and I'll kick the chair out from under her myself. That role will stretch her neck out while she slowly chokes to death. Don't put any hood over her head. I want to enjoy the tortured expressions she makes and I want to watch her face turn purple. She'll kick and dance for minutes, making horrible choking sounds, and the audience will love it. This will make Jesus so happy he'll cum in his pants. Any fucking bitch cunt slut ho who cheats on her soldier husband fully deserves to be treated like this. Of course, if he cheats on her while over there and scared, he should have to pay a $20 fine and do an extra shift of KP duty.

    But this is my dream job. I want to be the hangman host of a reality TV show that executes cuntsluthos who cheat on their soldier husbands. Every week we'll execute some cheating bitches. We'll use other methods too like executing her with a knife-throwing squad. In some way shape or form, the cheating hos will get what they deserve. I would LOVE to have that job!
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