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Thread: The perfect selfie...

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    The perfect selfie...

    Why would anyone risk their life for a perfect selfie?
    Status obsessed Darwin winners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felicia View Post
    But, did they die?

    At least the Grand Canyon knows you can’t stop stupid.

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    natural selection in action.

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    I remember that married couple who were posing for photographs atop a mountain. The bride thought it a good idea to stand on the edge and have one taken of her leaping into the air.

    That didn't end so well.
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    controlfreaks who want to be the center of attention
    self regulating
    its akin to trying to lead a horse by holding a carrot near its just aint gonna work

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    Bachelor's Degree in Physics?
    Geraniums stink.

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    It is even worse in other countries..

    What motivates these people is a mystery for the ages.

    "Hey, I know.. You get a pic of me in the tiger cage! Fun, right?"

    Some old things are lovely..
    Warm still with the life of forgotten men who made them.

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