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Thread: The perfect selfie...

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    That's gonna sting.
    ___,o` `.-''' ```-._.----.
    (_\ (_\

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jhoffa_X View Post
    I dunno if I would want to.. I'd rather remember her being an asshat, but being in one piece.

    I think they said she broke both her legs in the fall, and died later.

    Likely the last picture isn't one when she hit. Maybe a look of total surprise?
    Geraniums stink.

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    I dunno.. She died horribly, though.

    But, freedom includes the freedom to be an asshat.

    Some old things are lovely..
    Warm still with the life of forgotten men who made them.

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    Wouldn't you know it.
    Geraniums stink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felicia View Post
    Are we worse off for it?
    Quote Originally Posted by R. Langly View Post
    natural selection in action.
    Quote Originally Posted by number four View Post
    controlfreaks who want to be the center of attention
    self regulating

    It just boggles my mind people actually get paid and endorsed for their vanity and bank accounts.
    I read about some resort area, maybe Maldives (?), that they’ve told “influencers” no more freebies.

    I can still remember cell phones pre-camera.
    Wonder who brainstormed that idea?

    I can still remember back in 2003 when it was option to pay to add the camera option on the phone. I buy/pay for one, but remember watching the first people to have a cell phone camera at a school event.

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    Selfie attempt killed another girl last weekend.

    Accident occurred in the Ozark National Forest and near Hawksbill Crag. She was moving around for a selfie when she fell 100 feet. Rocks got er.

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