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Thread: I'm not convinced about Trump

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    I'm not convinced about Trump

    First let me say that nothing equals the evil of the Democrats. The Democrats advocate infanticide and pedophilia and miscegenation. All Democrats worship the Devil and deserve death by hanging. Still, as bad as the Democrats are, that does not automatically make Trump good. I do not believe that Trump is a man of God. Trump was for killing children via abortion decades back. He only went Pro Life as a way to appease evangelicals. I don't believe he will truly follow the righteous path of the Lord, and that is to work to getting abortion banned in all 50 states and to have the death penalty for anyone who violates that law. Any woman who aborts deserves to be hanged by the neck till she's dead, and not with a merciful long drop. No, and again, no. She should slowly choke to death at the end of a short rope that stretches out her neck and makes her writhe and foam at the mouth till she DIES with a horrible, agonized look on her face, pissing her panties. I don't believe Trump is fully behind making this happen. But it's what God wants! I believe Ted Cruz is a true man of God who would of done that.

    I do like how Trump has pissed off the feminists. All feminists are evil witches from Satan who deserved to be brutally raped and killed. But would Trump rape a feminist if ordered to by God? I'd doubt it. That puts him in Satan's camp. Feminists deserve to be tied to a stake and then have a dump truck back up to her and dump a ton of bricks on her head.

    Then there's the budget. Trump did a huge tax cut, which is nice, but where will it come from? He's put the budget worse out of balance than it was before. We should have an amendment to the Constitution requiring a balanced budget. We should stop spending on stupid bullshit. For one thing, we keep giving billions of dollars to Israel. We don't owe those Jews that! What the fuck? In fairness, Trump didn't invent this stupid idea. Past presidents kept doing that bullshit, but Trump should of said, "Fuck you, Netanya-Jew, we're not giving you shit. Now piss off before we throw you in a gas chamber."

    Benjamin Netanya-Jew is a worthless subhuman piece of shit who deserves to be blown up by a hydrogen bomb. I hope he gets caught by the Palestinians and they hang him to death like he deserves. This POS has been proving that Hitler was right and the Jews should of been eradicated by launching saw blades at them. I don't think Trump will stand up to Netanyahu. I think he secret wants gay queer homo buttfuck sex with that subhuman Jew. We should give nuclear weapons to the Palestinians, but Trump is too much of a weenie to do that. I would love it if Trump went golfing with Netanyahu and then just turned around and walloped him in the face with a golf club like that subhuman Jew deserves. Long live the USS Liberty.

    With friends like Israel who needs enemies?

    True conservatives support a balanced budget. I don't know why the fuck the Republican Party NEVER fucking manages to do that! The last one to do it was Richard Nixon, who was also our greatest president of the 20th century. I'd bet Nixon would of raped Jane Fonda like she deserved if he had had the chance. I can't stand it that that bitch is still walking around and breathing. The fucking cunt traitor deserved to be dismembered alive with saw blades, the communist fucking traitor cunt from hell. God hates Jane Fonda and wants us all to beat the shit out of her and rape her up her asshole. But I don't think trump has said one negative thing about her.

    I'm glad Hillary didn't become president. That feminist cunt deserves to have gasoline dumped all over her and then have a match lit. When Jesus comes back, he's going to get her in a headlock and smash her face in with brass knuckles. Taht bitch.

    Well, anyway, I hate the liberal scum but I'm just not so sure about Trump either. I'm out.

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    Nice copy and paste.

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    Yeah, I hate that.

    He should be branded by Admin as a plagiarizer for a period of time following such an offense.

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    Posters should understand that copy-and-paste, especially without citation in a link, is possibly actionable -- as in, against the poster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PTA! View Post
    Nice copy and paste.
    By the way, PTA, I don't find his post anywhere else.

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    And so a great big "L" across your chest ... Z-z-z-s-s-s-s ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lum View Post
    By the way, PTA, I don't find his post anywhere else.
    You really think he/she is going to put forth the energy to write a 7 paragraph “blah blah blah” Trump piece?
    Quote Originally Posted by Lum View Post
    And so a great big "L" across your chest ... Z-z-z-s-s-s-s ...
    Actually there’s a Nike symbol on my chest, ya grump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lum View Post
    Pics or you Lie!
    Picture a swoosh.

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