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Thread: Notre-Dame Treasures, Relics Saved After Firefighter-Priest Led Human Chain Inside Bu

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    Notre-Dame Treasures, Relics Saved After Firefighter-Priest Led Human Chain Inside Bu

    The chaplain to the Parisian fire brigade has been hailed as a hero after it was revealed he led efforts to save the priceless holy relics and art stored inside Notre-Dame Cathedral.


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    Interesting facts about the Notre Dame cathedral:

    The Notre Dame Cathedral is widely considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in the world.. The name Notre Dame means “Our Lady” in French, and is frequently used in the names of Catholic church buildings in Francophone countries.The Notre Dame Cathedral is the actual cathedral of the Catholic archdiocese of Paris: which is to say, it is the church which contains the official chair (“cathedra”) of the Archbishop of Paris, Andre Cardinal Vingt-Trois.

    Within the Cathedral of Notre Dame there are vast displays of artwork, furniture and many valuable items that mirror the Nio-Gothic design. Tourists are welcomed into the cathedral to view and enjoy these pieces for a small entrance fee. They are also able to attend Mass, which is held three times a day and a popular attraction for Christian visitors.

    Surrounding the Cathedral there are a number of stunning Parisian Hotels which are fortunate enough to enjoy magnificent views of the cathedral in it’s entirety.

    The Cathedral of Notre Dame is probably best known for its relation to the story of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, made famous by the numerous cartoons and movies inspired by it. But it is the French Gothic Architecture that remains the biggest draw for visitors from around the world, an unrivaled, perfect example to this day.

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