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Thread: Why Country House won the Kentucky Derby.

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    I didn't watch the race, and when I heard this news and how unusual the victory by the horse Country House, I thought maybe no-see-'em rocket science of global warming (ie bullshit) had come to horse racing.

    But it was a good call. Race officials ruled that Maximum Security interfered with other horses in the final turn, disqualifying the win and putting him in a 3rd to last finish, making the second place Country House the race winner by decision, a first such win in Derby history. You don't see this unless you are informed about what to look for.

    Maximum Security's loss explained:

    Sure looks as though the muddy track helped a great deal in analyzing the race and spotting the infraction.

    At 65:1 odds, Country House' win paid out $132.40 on a $2 bet.
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    As reported in USA Today:

    Maximum Security led throughout the race, and 65-1 shot Country House rallied after racing ninth in the early going.

    "Was Maximum Security the best horse in the race? Yes, but did he impede some horses? Yes," Terry Meyocks, CEO of The Jockeys' Guild, said Monday. "Are we lucky we didn't have some major catastrophe? Definitely."

    If racing thought it had image problems with 23 dead horses at Santa Anita this winter, a potential multihorse spill in the final turn of the biggest race of the year watched by millions worldwide would have dealt a body blow to the already struggling industry.

    Saez said Maximum Security shied away from the noise of 150,729 fans and "may have ducked out a little."

    Video shows Maximum Security switched leads early on the final turn and in doing so shifted out. When the colt switched back to the correct lead, he shifted back in.

    "This horse bolted, it reacted to something," Meyocks said. "Luis tried to correct it as soon as possible and maybe he overcorrected."

    Riders can't completely control a 1,000-pound racehorse, but what happens in the saddle is their ultimate responsibility. The same is true for trainers, who are charged with the care of their horses regardless of circumstance.

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