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Thread: Marianne Williamson: Democrat for president.

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    Marianne Williamson: Democrat for president.

    Marianne Williamson "High Priestess of Pop Religion" -- Mother Jones

    Authored 3 Best Sellers:
    -- A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles,1992.
    -- Healing the Soul of America 1997
    -- ???

    -- Featured on Oprah!!!

    -- Ran for Congress -- 33rd cong dist Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Malibu, UCLA. West LA -- but lost to Rep Ted W. Lieu

    Williamson's campaign announcement included the line "let's talk about what it would actually mean to fight climate change". She later expressed support for the Green New Deal. Among her goals are to enter the United States back into the Paris Climate Agreement and reform the Environmental Protection Agency. In late 2018, she participated in a panel discussion on the environment with Gary Hirshberg.

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    The list of runners is impressive (not a compliment). It would be quicker to name which dems aren't running.

    It's a shit-show... I do wonder who'll lead the pack.

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    Might be the largest slate of candidates from a single party in US history. Every time someone says Biden is leading the show, he does something ridiculous.

    This is a TV comedy series.

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