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Thread: PBS cramming faggotry down children's throats

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    First Tinky Winky and now this. PBS - Perverted Butt Suckers.
    If not for slavery there would be no historical record of niggers actually working

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    We have faggotry and trannyshittery thrust on us from commercials, network TV, network news, from everywhere.
    TRUMP 2020

    ~ Shower the people you love with love ~

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    Kinda figured Arthur was gay.

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    Bert and Ernie were faggots. They used their cocksuckers for more than just talking.
    Where is my fucking cat?

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    I'm surprised Arthur is still going. I see the animation is even more poor than it used to be. Not surprised at all about the gay pushing, it seems to be a trend in cartoons and videogames. Just need to consistently drive home the point that homosexuality is a thing... I do think it's a bit much.

    But no more harmful than the other nigger loving, garbage television children are raised by.

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