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Thread: Democratic candidate Steve Bullock can't name any achievements he made as governor

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    Democratic candidate Steve Bullock can't name any achievements he made as governor

    It's a good thing for Republicans that this moron is running for president instead of running for Senate. Increases the chances that they keep the Montana Senate seat and this clown isn't going to come close to winning the nomination. By February 2020, he will drop out of the race, hop on the pedo train and endorse Joe "The Big Faggot" Biden.
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    You know, I read all your posts and you're a good poster, but in my mind, you have taken on the appearance of your av. I hear Cartman talking when I read your posts, and it's sort of like this:

    To my point, I really do wonder (right now, in fact) what politicians would do if and when everything that ever needed doing was done and there was nothing left to do? Would they say as much in their political ads? "Hi! I'm John Doe and I want to be your president! If you elect me, I promise you I will do absolutely nothing -- not a damn thing! It's all been done already, so I'm just going to go golfing until I get my short game down, which will likely be never, and that alone will save billions and billions and billions of tax dollars so you can go golfing too, or shop online -- at Etsy, say, or post on Facebook or Instagram, or whatever you want! With me as your president, you would have nothing to brag about, but that's better than ginning up anything to incite doing, and that's something, which is to say nothing needs doing, like I said. It's done. Kaput! I'm done. Kaput! Your done. Kaput! Everyone is done. We're all done here. Kaput kaput kaput!"

    Or would they just keep on doing and doing way past don't touch that anymore because it doesn't need to be done, and then continue on that way like a bunch of lemmings until they have totally screwed up everything that was ever accomplished, like democrats do and like they do on the internet every fucking day?

    I suppose it would piss off Soxes, for one.

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    Well, I picked this screen name because it fits my personality, although I only watch South Park once a month at most. My next choice would have been Archie Bunker, but if I did that I'd be promoting a left-wing show.
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    youtube-South Park- MrMackey-its easy M'KAY song!=Lummy
    its akin to trying to lead a horse by holding a carrot near its just aint gonna work

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    List of candidates is getting long.
    No idea why anyone would throw money away like that.

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