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Thread: How many hours of TVprograms/dvd's/video games do you consume per week?

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    Cool thread. We must fight to the death.

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    theres three things listed that have zero likeness with the other two.
    idiot box
    cool movies
    and some blending
    like Barnacle Boy on a great political satire
    or someones cool footage on you tube.
    ( i never laughed so hard when i saw 3/11/11. for it validates
    why you should never treat your vanquished as slaves )
    its akin to trying to lead a horse by holding a carrot near its just aint gonna work

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    Quote Originally Posted by PTA! View Post
    Still not interested and wouldn’t even know how to find such a room.
    You will know when you find it. It will be the room with your head sticking thru the wall via the Cotton Express. I am on a crusade to help over the hill housewives understand why they are ranked lower than a snake dragging a turd behind itself for entertainment is on its way, hang in there
    Where is my fucking cat?

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