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Thread: feminist necktie

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    feminist necktie

    Here's the necktie that belongs around every feminist's neck..............

    Every feminist on this earth deserves to have one of those put around her neck and then have the chair she's standing on shoved out from under her and then she'll dangle there writhing and slowly choking to death. Feminist abortion criminal murderers kill babies via abortion. I'd like to hang out at an abortion clinic and wait till some psycho murdering cunt comes out and then punch her in the face with brass knuckles. These cunts are evil murderesses. God hates their guts. Jesus is coming back totally furious at these evil witches and is going to go around raping feminists like they deserve. But we better hurry up. If we don't start executing feminists to death like God demands, he's going to H-bomb our whole country. Jesus hates feminists' guts and demands that we rape and kill them.

    My dream job is to be a hangman who spends all day hanging feminists. I would tell them how evil they are and how God hates their guts and then kick that chair or bench out from under their feet. I will enjoy listening to them gurgle and choke and watching their eyes bug out as they DIE!!!!! When when they're good and dead, I'll gut them down and throw their corpse into the back of a garbage truck and have them all hauled away to the dump.

    DIE FEMINISTS! Jesus hates you and wants you killed!!!!!!

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    Should have happened to that Jane Fonda bitch years ago.

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