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Thread: Wow, this girl has amazing talent!

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    Wow, this girl has amazing talent!

    What a talented young woman! I'm so amazed. Not just anyone could make great music like this.

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    She must have made the money on her back and knees because she can't sing worth a crap.
    If not for slavery there would be no historical record of niggers actually working

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    i accidentaly watched 21 seconds......she sings?
    id betcha i could make her sing. meathook way
    its akin to trying to lead a horse by holding a carrot near its just aint gonna work

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    That was her one and only youtube. What you call a "one-hit loser".

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    Why did I click on that?

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    This is what happens when a trashy untalented entitled whore gets access to resources to make a video. Someone tie her up, gag her, and whip her. It would make better music than this garbage.

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    You should be eviscerated for a thread title that reads,"this girl has amazing..."

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    I'm starting to think you guys failed to detect my sarcasm.

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    I'd introduce myself, real friendly, like. Smile, eye contact. Just as she's taking a seat, I'd crack one of her cheekbones with a hockey stick.
    ___,o` `.-''' ```-._.----.
    (_\ (_\

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