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Thread: .22 caliber for concealed carry self defense?

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    .22 caliber for concealed carry self defense?

    Just finished binge watching youtube .22 pistol range reviews.

    Assuming you might want to concealed carry a .22 pistol, it looks to me like semi-auto .22's are not very reliable. Failures of various types are common, no matter the brand of gun, and the problem seems to be that .22 cartridges just don't provide enough blow-back energy for the guns' reliable operation. Even the best among them have to be kept fastidiously clean to work properly, which suggests just how marginally operable they all are because of the low energy .22 ammo provides to cycle them, an inherent property that can't be resolved for that caliber. Revolvers look like the preferred carry .22 because they don't rely on blowback to cycle and operate correctly. They look to be a lot more reliable to me.

    I think .22 pocket semi-autos are basically for fun on the range, and that's about it. But for the reasons above, something larger for self defense, please. A .22 magnum has a lot more energy and might be more reliable operation, don't know, but the ammo gets pretty pricey, actually about on par with .380 and approaching 9mm.

    Anyway, a compact revolver looks to me to be much better .22 caliber carry, if that's what you want to do.

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    Ruger 380 is a good gun. it is small and easy t o carry


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