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Thread: 3-D printed concrete home.

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    3-D printed concrete home.

    $4,000 (stated cost of basic construction) for 650 sq feet.

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    That house area must include the outdoor concrete deck surrounding the enclosure, which would make it probably more like 350 sq feet inside. That's a tiny house, and one that wouldn't be going anywhere. Could be hurricane-proof, however.
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    Neat, but it still doesn't solve the problem of homelessness. Wealthy donors can help alleviate the problem, but end global homelessness (their state goal)? Not gonna happen.

    4000 bucks per unit, plus the permits and the land acquired. Also, concrete gets ugly in a tremendously fast fashion.

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    I can do it in barn type construction for probably half of that...

    Still, it is interesting.

    Some old things are lovely..
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    It probably takes a few weeks to a month for the concrete to cure properly, and you would want it to cure properly, so you might build a tiny house ready to move into faster than these.

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    Home owner: The last hail storm caused some damage, how soon can you repair it?

    Contractor: Sorry, our printer is down.
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    Dang, I seem to have misplaced the entire month of June.

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