RUSH: Does anybody but me find it just outrageous that Nadler is calling John Dean up there and that the Drive-Bys are excited about it? (laughing) I'm sorry. Look! "John Dean to Testify on Presidential Obstruction!" What's he gonna say? "Nixon did it!" How many times have I told you? The only thing these people have is what's in their playbook from the past. These people on the left cannot innovate. So they've gotta replay Watergate here. So they've gotta go get John Dean, who's 81 years old.

As far as I know, he has never been in the Trump administration, had nothing to do with the dossier, and if they want to talk about obstruction here, there isn't any on Trump's part. They haven't found any. But yet they're gonna have John Dean (laughing) up there to tell 'em what obstruction looks like from his experience in the Nixon administration. I don't know. I may be... I guess I'm the only one that finds this funny. A lot of people are scared about it. "Rush, I can't believe they're going to this extent."

Folks, it's what we always get each and every day.

It's not even news, it's fake news, and it's all oriented toward destroying Donald Trump.


RUSH: John Dean. John Dean (audio sound bite number 24 ) was on with CNN this morning. Question to John Dean: "Today you'll be back before Congress all these years later," after you helped get rid of Richard Nixon. "We have your prepared statement here, but tell us what your overarching message is to" Congress.

DEAN: I'm clearly not a fact witness, but I hope I can give them some context and show them how strikingly like Watergate what we're seeing now -- and as reported is the Mueller report -- is. The fact that, uh, Nixon was hands on very early is -- just like Trump hands on very early. The firing of Comey was certainly not dissimilar from some of the actions that Nixon took.

RUSH: The firing of Comey was entirely called for! It was legal! It was recommended by the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein. It was not obstruction of justice. It should have happened earlier, as Comey has continued to prove with his post-FBI directorship life. He should have been fired long ago. He should have been fired the day after that July 5th press conference where he assumed the role of attorney general, determining who's gonna be prosecuted and who isn't and announcing why, then going out and listing all the crimes Hillary Clinton committed, and then saying," We're not charging her?"

You never do that! You never do that. You never... If you're not gonna charge somebody, you shut up about them! But remember, that whole thing was really the exoneration of Hillary Clinton. That was what that was all about, and it was that firing... When people started clamoring for Trump to be charged with obstruction, that's when Barr wrote his first memo. Just out of the blue, not as the attorney general, he wrote a 19-page... No, it wasn't 19 pages. He wrote a long memo about how the executive (Trump) could not obstruction justice by executing constitutionally mandated duties.

He could not obstruct justice by following through on duties the Constitution allows him.

That was the point of Barr's first memo that the Drive-Bys hated, and the left demanded, "Who asked you to write this?" "Nobody. I'm just shocked at what I'm seeing here, and I wanted to get my reaction to it on the record." It's outrageous. Fired? Obstruction of justice for firing an FBI director? Here's John Dean trying to say... What is this, "Nixon was hands on like Trump is hands on"? He's president, for crying out loud! What does that mean? "The fact that Nixon was hands on very early on just like Trump hands on..." So? Firing of Comey not dissimilar from some of the actions that Nixon took? Trump was not trying to stop the investigation. This is... It's just bogus.