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Thread: Hickok45 vs rachel maddow

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    Smile Hickok45 vs rachel maddow

    I almost never note how many views a clip has had unless I'm comparing clips on the same subject. Hickok45, in case you don't know, has dozens or maybe hundreds of videos of shooting various firearms.

    This is a pretty good clip:

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot:

    Maddow at the gun range. Turns out she loves shooting guns.

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    Maddow's gross hypocrisy and bizarre lifestyle get a pass -- at least in the USA -- for two reasons:

    1. She's over-credentialed as a smarty pants. The wow factor of her considerable educational achievement is quite high, and so who is not going to listen to her (at least the first time)?

    2. Since she's smart, you have probably overlooked something no matter what she says -- something genius --something that makes her untenable positions completely logical if only you could figure it out.

    3. Hypocrisy is not possible for an unabashed flaming liberal leftist, or so goes Democrat religion.

    4. Her credentials give her lies a lot of credence and make it a lot easier for her to get away with them.
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    Frankly, I find range practice boring, but I never try to convert rounds spent into US dollars. Do you?

    Of course you don't.

    Ya wanna piece'a me, Rach? Well, do ya, punkin?[/Quote]

    Do ya now? Huh, do ya now?

    How about now? Bet you wanna piece'a this, heh?

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    What about now?

    Ooo yeah ... how about now?

    Oh baby, that's what m'talkin' about.

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