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Thread: South Africa in state of war. Again.

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    South Africa in state of war. Again.

    On track for 3,000+ murders in one year in one town.

    When most Americans think of Cape Town, they probably think of it as a mecca for tourists – the beaches, Table Mountain, and the winelands.

    “Going to a shop is life-threatening, traveling in a taxi is life-threatening,” Elsies River Community Policing Forum Chair Imraahn Mukaddam told Fox News. “We are living in a war zone. A lot of violence here is orchestrated by a third force – the street gangs, who want to make the Western Cape almost ungovernable.”

    There have been some 1,600 murders in this area since the beginning of the year, 900 of them believed to be gang-related. These include 55 unnatural deaths just this past weekend, including 6 young women shot dead, allegedly execution-style, in one house last Friday night in Philippi East. 5 young men shot dead nearby the next day.

    Mukaddam claims many police are terrified to enter the gangsters’ lairs, adding that a local police sergeant who stood up to them was taken out just two weeks ago. He’s joined Provincial officials in calling for the South African army to be deployed, to escort ambulances and fire engines into the troubled areas.

    After initially refusing to send in troops, national police minister Bheki Cele Thursday finally yielded to the demands and made a sudden U-turn, announcing he is sending troops into affected areas. But the details of where and when were not immediately clear.

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    If they were all sterilized, the entire problem would be solved permanently in less than a decade.

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    Ya ever been, Lummy?

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    It’s a long flight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PTA! View Post
    It’s a long flight.
    Do you have a map?

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