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Thread: Visit Beautiful Oinkschwitz!

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    [QUOTE=Jew Crimes Exposer;1901288]PTA, is a typical American, FAT UGLY just FUGLY, not like you sweetheart!!! <3[/QUOTE]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    So P.T.A. is black, Asian, white, jewish, Muslim...and mulatto? The geniuses of the LDL strike again.
    Quote Originally Posted by El Guapo View Post
    She had no idea soros was a nazi collaborator who turned in his fellow jews for fun and profit during WW2.
    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    I'm an homorary Jew!
    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    If I could suck my own cock I would

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    What do you want?

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