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Thread: Online anonymity is the new robe and hood of hatred

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svante View Post
    jew there are real enemie
    The nigger sow who made this article is among the worst kinds of niggers. A Niggercrat with a victim mentality who believes that all racists are white and all whites are racist. Funny how this sheboon is doing everything she accused evil YT of doing. Bashing a race while hiding behind a computer.
    "Barney Frank looked disgusting--nipples protruding--in his blue shirt before Congress. Very very disrespectful." - Donald J. Trump

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    Quote Originally Posted by maria View Post
    Look at the percentage of the USS population that are Jews and niggers.
    Seems some whites need to wake up.
    That's the worst part about living in today's world, the IDIOTS who will not wake up.

    Spineless lemmings are a good portion of what we have to deal with when associating with other Whites, or worse yet sell outs who will happily stab us in the collective back.

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    Check out the writers husband..... Wow

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    Quote Originally Posted by submiturass View Post
    Check out the writers husband..... Wow

    We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of globalism. President Donald Trump

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    Quote Originally Posted by submiturass View Post
    Check out the writers husband..... Wow

    such a proud african american woman...
    Summer body in process...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergio View Post
    such a proud african american woman...
    African "American"!!!!!!!

    Apemerican is more like it. Look at the rolls on that sow. That old oiler sure is proud of his mutant/mammy combo. It's amazing to me how we try to make "good people" out of monkeys.

    Who is that she-ape kidding, this is not "our nation" -- there is no our, it should be a white nation like it was originally slated to be. If we hadn't tried to culture these baboons, they would still be slinging their shit and keeping oversized rings in their snouts. It sucks when primitive beasts try to beat you at your own game and get all the support in the world to do so.

    It's not cowardice, it's reality. Stop using the baboonized English language you perpetuate to justify your horrible race of degenerates.

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    Once again, CNN proves that they are full of leftist shit. Not only do they trample on the First Amendment rights of racists, but they have the fucking nerve to call said racists "cowards". How is it cowardly to be protective of your own race in an age of "political correctness" and "equality"? And where do they get off painting a portrait of racists as gun-toting, redneck Klansmen? So, the niggers... oops, I mean "black people"... who deliberately attack white people BECAUSE of their race aren't racists? It's okay for a black person to call a white person a cracker, but a white person can't call a black person an n-word? If CNN wants to talk about racism, they should start talking about how the Zionists who control their corporation meticulously place anti-white/pro-black bias in all of their news stories.

    Now, if you want to respect other races, you're welcome to do so. But if you become betrayed by the people you try to love because of what race you are, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

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