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Thread: The whatever thread

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    [QUOTE=Jew Crimes Exposer;1827148]TorontoMike or whatever your called, I live in a house and if you ever met me then you wouldn't say a fucking word. You are a loser who posts on a forum, where there are more socks than actual posters. You hide behind a tough guy persona but in real life you would not say a word to me, I have made a name for myself on the internet with my posters and contributions of exposing the Jewish virus, where as all you have done is masterbate to child porn and sexually abusing your disabled 13 year old sister, tell me, does it turn you on MIKE, when you see the tears in her eyes as you force two fingers up her anus??? Perhaps you should get with Tina she likes to abuse children as well!!![/QUOTE]

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    Once again because of YOU, I've been momicked TODAY! Peace out! Moving along.

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    Fucking cost me a phone becuz of this damn stalker who won't let me be fuckoff

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    Who is stalking?
    Everyone you will ever meet knows something you do not know.

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    [QUOTE=Jew Crimes Exposer;1827146]Lala, I am here as Banshee. its an old account, I am now blocked on all three of my facebook accounts; the Latest block is for doing a poster for David Duke. so I am still on VK but I am back on the Phora to fuck around, so join me... And Tina stop making threads about Lala or I will troll your Facebook page and make posters of your children after I remove their sexual organs with my Ballhammer!!!![/QUOTE]

    What the hell is the phora

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    [QUOTE=Elemental;1827496]Who is stalking?[/QUOTE]

    The real question...

    Who isn't stalking ?

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    Sporting the spiff!

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    That's the end of you...FOOL...LOL
    Originally Posted by lala

    My Jesus
    Find me o lawdy, I'm ready to shoot myself. I'm tired, soooo tired of shit people. Tired of fighting to live and love. Tired of it ALL. Just tired. I'm close. I really am.


    She served, unlike your fatass self. 1st Cav.
    So thanks for paying respect where its due, cunt.

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