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Thread: Incest Is More Of A Black Thing

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    Exclamation Incest Is More Of A Black Thing

    Incest is rife in the black community. You never hear about it due to the Jewish controlled media covering it up because negative perceptions of blacks are already at critically low levels. But I believe the truth is something every White person should know, regardless of the consequences. You'll stumble across a news story of some redneck hick knocking up his sister around once every two years or so. In Africa blacks are being arrested practically every day for it. And in America, around once a week. In this thread I will prove that blacks have a serious issue with incest, inbreeding and family rape within their households or hutholds...

    *** Niggers busted for INCEST below ***

    Negro Pedophile Charged Wit INCEST!

    Where's Waldo? Incestuous Black Sex Offender Goes Missin'

    Black fag wanted for rape of 9-year-old boy since victim was 6 years old

    Incestuous Nigga Cop Found Guilty Of Molessin' 9-year-old Relative

    Napoleon & Daniel Teach Young Relatives the Nuances of Negro Love

    Niggros transform day care into child rape center

    Jug-eared Nigga found guilty of aggravated incest

    Incestuous Fubball Nig ****ed Hiz Own Sistah

    Spearchuckin' minister arrested for incest, rape

    Spearchucker rapes son and six of his male pals

    Jig preacher chops up wife and rapes da chilluns

    Niggers turning to incest!

    Ugly ape with history of convictions for muh dik does it again

    Dirty Nigger Impregnates Daughter

    Pedophilia, Incest, Sodomy, Rape, All In Da Life Of Dis Buck

    Civil Rights Leader Rev. James L. Bevel Charged With Incest

    Nigger preechur arrested fo' 5 counts of incest

    Foul Sow Assists in Rape of Own Daughter

    Ghanian Pastor Charged With Incest After Sexing It Up With 10-year-old Daughter

    Incest Is Rife Among Kenyan Teens

    Negro Choir Director Diddles Sleeping Girl

    Jabba the Hutu guilty of raping teen girl

    African Migrant Teacher Faces 30 Charges of Incest, Rape

    Incestuous South Africoon Held Fo' Raping Hiz Own Daughter

    Former Sheriff's Office Employee Charged with Aggravated Incest

    Pastor Rasberry accused of sexing 2 of his flock!

    Revolting, Incestuous, Spook Charged Wit Sexually Abusing Underage Relative

    Oakland negro political insider charged with incest rape!

    Baton Rouge negro arrested on suspicion of raping stepdaughter

    60-year-old Ugandan Sheboon Protects Her Sons From HIV By Having Sex With Them, Charged With Incest

    Pastor sired children with his own daughter

    Rookie housing cop busted for incest with pre-teen: officials

    'Spiritual' jigaboo uses ju-ju to rape teen boy

    Just Another Africoon Charged With Incest, Child Rape, Infecting Daughter With HIV

    Coal black big lipped negro arrested for incest - $1 mil bond

    NY: Nigger minister "administers" his daughters

    Ghanian Sow Tells How Daddy Muh Dikked & Impregnated Her

    Black Negress Senator's dad denies incest

    Nigga diddles him chilluns

    Priest accused of sexually abusing girl fled to

    Nigger Rapes 2 teens in Battle Creek, MI

    Incestuous South Africoon In Court For Raping His 3-year-old Daughter

    Incest Nigger Rapes His Own Daughter In Ghana

    In 1987, obese, illiterate, 16-year-old Claireece "Precious" Jones (Gabourey Sidibe) lives in the ghetto of Harlem with her dysfunctional and abusive mother, Mary (Mo'Nique). She has been impregnated twice by her father, Carl, and suffers long term physical, sexual, and mental abuse from her unemployed mother. The family resides in a Section 8 tenement and subsists on welfare. Her first child, known only as "Lil Mongo", has Down syndrome and is being cared for by Precious' grandmother.
    Inspired by her new teacher, Miss Blu Rain (Paula Patton), Precious begins learning to read. Precious meets sporadically with a social worker named Miss Weiss (Mariah Carey), who learns about incest in the household when Precious unwittingly conveys it to her.

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    Man charged in Knoxville rape and incest case caught in Okla.
    Posted: Mar 25, 2010 8:44 PM

    Anteez Dieffenderfer (source: Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department)

    KNOXVILLE (WATE) - A man charged in a 2008 rape and incest case in Knoxville was arrested Tuesday night in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma after missing court dates.

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    Meanwhile, in Ghana...

    Court jails plumber 10 years for incest
    Crime & Punishment of Monday, 29 March 2010

    Accra, March 29, GNA - A 44-year-old plumber, William Sekyi was on Monday sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court for defiling his 15-year-old daughter.

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    Mo'Nique's Brother Says He Molested Her

    Imes, who claims he too was molested and was using drugs and alcohol at the age of 11, said that he molested Mo'Nique for about a year or two when he was 13 and she was 7 or 8.

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    I will add to this thread when I have more time.

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    This nigger does not find humor in this thread.

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    NFL prospect is a registered sex offender. Had sex with its sister:

    It seems that Washington, now 24, is a registered sex offender in Texas, and according to Laine's sources, it's because he was convicted in May 2003 of having consensual sex with his 15-year-old sister.

    yeah, it was good, nomesayin?

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    Police Seek Tampa Man Who Fathered Teen Relative's Baby
    Published: August 12, 2008

    John Speights Jr.

    TAMPA - Police are looking for a man they say fathered a 13-year-old family member's child.

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    Meanwhile, in Swaziland (Africa)...

    Incest dad arrested
    By SIZWE MAZIYA on April 23,2010

    NHLANGANO - The man alleged to have sexually abused and impregnated two of his daughters and his niece has been arrested.

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    Meanwhile, in South Africa...

    Woman says nephew raped her
    May 13 2010 at 09:00AM

    The bail application of the man charged with raping his 40-year-old aunt in Zondi was postponed to May 31 in the Protea Magistrate's Court because the man has to get legal aid.

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