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Thread: Listening to now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDumbBlonde View Post
    How have I never heard that version before? Nice one, leon.
    You should have....... I'm certain you were just like me and used to watch Solid Gold as a kid....(oh why did those days disappear?). And did you have an Andy Gibb poster above your bed? (thats a girls only thing...just sayin)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superdude View Post
    I never said I had a Phd. I have 3 Masters Degrees.
    Quote Originally Posted by Helena View Post
    You can't redeem yourself to me after that fucking moronic statement.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mossfern View Post
    Let's face it Soxes, PTA is at least in her 40's and she's had children.
    I don't know whether she nursed them or bottle fed them, but I can guarantee that given her size, she most likely falls
    far short of "perky" unless she's had surgical intervention, no matter what she claims on the internet.
    Quote Originally Posted by PTA View Post
    Notice Sachem or Mossfern haven't called him on it?
    Quote Originally Posted by sachem View Post
    She's not.

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    As a fellow trumpet player I seriously do love and appreciate the lead trumpet that chimes in at the 2:00 mark !
    "who cares what games we choose . Little to win and nothing to lose"

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