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Thread: Jewish Talmud Claims Roman Empire Murdered 4 billion Jews

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    Quote Originally Posted by kudzu View Post
    Don't be embarrassed.. Epic exaggeration is commonplace in sacred texts.

    The 'city of Betar' was a tiny hilltop village that probably did experince a massacre, but the numbers are absurd. Just as Joshua's wars were small skirmishes. .. and the size of "armies" on both sides were exaggerated by thousands.
    Would that include all the bullshit about Jews being "Chosen," and if not, why not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destined For Greatness View Post
    Would that include all the bullshit about Jews being "Chosen," and if not, why not?
    I think so... The Hebrews were ethnically no different from any of their neighbors.

    Archeology indicates that the Canaaanites were a settled people who had highly organized towns and villages.. They were involved in mining, large scale pottery making and smelting.. and extensive trade with Babylon and Egypt.

    They had a written language and organized religion and a rich mythology of their own.

    The hebrews apparently were a landless tribe .. essentially bedouin.. So the whole issue may have boiled down to envy...

    And it would seem the Hebrews were wonderful story tellers in search of an special history and identity that set them apart and made them "superior" to their neighbors.

    No doubt they were inventive.. They took myths and fables they heard in Egypt and Babylon and reinvented them for themselves.

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    Jews sure have had it rough!
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    This thread dead for more than 7 yrs is revived by PTA's lap dog! Way to go idiot.
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