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Thread: Niggers have smaller brains

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    Niggers have smaller brains

    The intellectual inferiority and smaller brainsize of negroes

    It shouln't seem such a hard concept, however to many it is the hardest thing to grasp (or accept, rather), the bigger your brain the more likely you are to be intelligent. Social-Marxists such as Stephen Jay Gould and his followers have been doing their upmost to convince the public that races don't differ in brain-sizes or intelligence, that we are all equal... when mountains of evidence on the contrary says "not really."

    Every way of testing brain size reaches the same conclusions, be it through brain weighing at autopsy, skull measurements (filling empty skulls), living head measurements, and most recently and accurately of all MRI scanning. East-Asians have the largest brains (on average), negroes the smallest, and Whites in between. These differences in brain size are not due to body size. Even adjusting for body size presents the same pattern.

    Even as early as the 19th century it was common and accepted knowledge that East-Asians have larger and heavier brains than Whites, while Whites have larger and heavier brains than do Blacks. The great neurologist Paul Broca also found that White brains have more surface folding than Black brains. (The more folded the surface of the brain, the more brain cells it can contain.) White brains also have larger frontal lobes which are used in self control and planning.

    By 1906, Robert Bean reported on 150 brains of autopsied Blacks and Whites in the American Journal of Anatomy. Brain weight varied with the amount of White ancestry from no White ancestry (1,157 grams) to half-White ancestry (1,347 grams.) He found the brains of Blacks were less folded than those of Whites and had fewer fibers leading to the frontal lobes, just like Broca. Raymond Pearl also found that brain weight increased with the amount of White ancestry (which would make sense, since mulattos do better in academic achievement and IQ tests than negroes). Many other studies followed finding the same pattern.

    During the dark ages and science wars (nature vs nurture debates) reaching its peak in the 1970s, many anti-racialists tried to claim that the early studies were wrong and that they didn't account for “sex, body size, age of death, childhood nutrition, origin of sample, occupation, and cause of death.” However, when averaged
    all the data, we can still see that East-Asians and Whites have heavier brains than
    Blacks. Even Philip V. Tobias, who was a major skeptic finally had to agree that East-Asians have “millions” more extra neurons than Whites who have “millions” more than Blacks. In 1980, Kenneth Ho et al. confirmed the differences; the negroes used in the study were similar in body size to the Whites, but Whites still averaged 100 grams
    more brain weight than did Blacks, so differences in body size do not explain away these race differences in brain size.

    Even in 1942, Katherine Simmons reported on over 2,000 skulls in the journal Human
    Biology. She found that Whites have larger skulls than Blacks. The Blacks in her sample were taller than the Whites so the skull size differences could not be due to body size. Kenneth Beals et al. further confirmed these findings in the 1984 issue of Current Anthropology. They reported the measurements of up to 20,000 skulls from around the world. Skull sizes varied with place of origin. Skulls from East Asia were 3 cubic inches larger than those from Europe which were 5 cubic inches larger than skulls from Africa. This was found through filling skulls with packing material; they all confirm the findings from as early as the 19th century when Samuel George Morton studied over 1,000 skulls. He found that Blacks had skulls about 5 cubic inches smaller than Whites.

    Rushton reported the average brain size for Negroes (1,267), Whites (1,347), and East-Asians (1,364).

    Rushton and C. D. Ankney “Brain Size and Cognitive Ability” in the 1996 issue of the journal Psychonomic Bulletin and Review surveyed all the published research on this topic. It included studies that used the state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance Imaging. There were eight of these studies with a total sample size of 381 adults. The overall correlation between IQ and brain size measured by MRI is 0.44. The correlation of .44, is the result of magnetic resonance imaging of brain size, it in of itself is a high correlation, but we must remember that even higher correlations were identified when the method of correlated vectors was applied by Arthur Jensen, and a correlation of .94 was found.

    It is essentially an undeniable fact that the differing capacities of g among races are correlated with brain size.

    All of the latest scientific research clearly demonstrates that brain size and intelligence are positively correlated.

    IQ tests are not the best, but they're certainly not useless and are good predictors of life outcomes. Psychologists use IQ tests to measure what we call “intelligence” or “mental ability.” Brighter people typically score higher on IQ tests than most people. Less bright people score lower. IQ tests are made to have an average of 100. The “normal” range goes from “dull” (IQ around 85) to “bright” (IQ around 115). IQs of 70 suggest mental retardation, while IQs of 130 and above predict giftedness.

    The average East-Asian IQ is about 106, the White IQ about 100, and the Black IQ about 85. This pattern is found around the world, with Blacks in Africa having a lower IQ than Blacks in America.

    The global Bell curve (1994) shows how IQ predicts success in education, jobs, and training. Low IQ predicts child abuse, crime and delinquency, health, accident proneness, having a child out of wedlock, getting a divorce before five years of marriage, and even smoking during pregnancy. Linda S. Gottfredson et al. confirmed this later.

    All the subjects were from the same race and socio-economic group for this study.

    The very same race differences show up on tests made to be “culture-free” as well as on standard IQ tests. In fact, Negroes score slightly higher on standard IQ tests than they do on these “culture-free” tests, as Arthur Jensen revealed. This is the opposite of what the culture only theory predicts.

    Richard Lynn went further in his wonderful book The Global Bell curve, a dedication to The Bell Curve, that worldwide the gradient is the same, in that East-Asians are more intelligent and more successful (even when they are very small minorities in countries such as Brazil and other Latin-American countries), Whites are inbetween, blacks are at the bottom and mulattos are inbetween blacks and whites, closer to blacks. Culture only, economic and discriminationist theories are found by Lynn to be overwhelmingly unlikely and fallacious, as opposed to genetic intelligence theory. Although it's a mix of both environment and genetics.

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    This new guy likes big articles.

    As for size I can't recall seeing much off the bat, but I do know for a fact nigger brains weigh less and have smoother convolutions compared to white brains, which is one of the reasons why they less intelligent.

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