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Thread: More Mars Trash 2#

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unbidden Wrath View Post
    I can't just go along with him. It would do more harm than good.

    This guy, as with all dorks, finds inordinate interest in things generally held to be of relative insignificance. The more specific the better, as far as they're concerned. It's their little hidey-hole from memory, and it's no good.
    Harm as in playing into this fantasy and causing what...more intricate insignificant fantasies?

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    I do not see what MT sees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Timothy View Post
    Nope. Windshield wiper blades ... and a machete. Looks like a pretty good one too for a martian.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Timothy View Post
    Mystery Rounded Object ..
    Huh. But what is there for cows to eat there?

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