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Thread: Israel supports the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    Pissrael's eternal bitch USA is only pretending to fight ISIS:

    Russian General Staff to US: 'You're Only Pretending to Fight ISIS - Get Out of Our Way'

    Of course the Russians are right. Those of us who pay attention have known this for a long time.
    Here's the umpteenth example of how the despicable, jew-controlled Anglo forces help ISIS:

    The BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let hundreds of IS fighters and their families escape from Raqqa, under the gaze of the US and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city. A convoy included some of IS’s most notorious members and – despite reassurances – dozens of foreign fighters. Some of those have spread out across Syria, even making it as far as Turkey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    It seems like much – if not most – of what we know about the Islamic State comes from "SITE Intelligence Group", a for-profit company that's run by the pissraeli jewess Rita Katz. And apparently, these jews even release ISIS beheading videos before ISIS makes them public.

    …pay, pay, pay, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe…

    As you can imagine, there are a lot of articles floating around on the internet where people, in various countries and in various languages, are asking how it's possible that all this information about, and all these propaganda videos from, a Muslim terrorist group are coming to us from pissraeli intelligence (in exchange for money).

    Here's one such article:

    And if you actually think that the jewess Rita Katz is doing a good job of tracking/exposing terrorists, I would like to point out that this is the same person who said that "Australi Witness" was a dangerous and influential Islamic terrorist, when in fact he was a jewish internet troll who lived with his parents the Goldbergs in Florida.

    Yes, this is what Katz the con woman is charging money for. Good grief.
    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post

    (((Rita Katz)))

    "If you give me your money, I'll send you ISIS beheading videos before they're made public."

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    The Islamic State declares war on Hamas:

    ISIS offshoot declares war on Hamas in video showing execution of alleged collaborator

    ISIS declares war on Hamas with sickening execution video as it vows to overthrow them from the Gaza Strip for failing to stop Trump's Jerusalem move

    The Egyptian branch of ISIS has declared war on Palestinian terrorist group Hamas for failing to stop Donald Trump declaring Jerusalem as Israel's capital. In a brutal propaganda video - purporting to show the execution of a Hamas affiliate - the jihadi group declared war on the Palestinian terror group, which controls much of the Gaza Strip. Tensions between the rival terrorist organisations have spiralled since 2015, when ISIS released a video saying it would overthrow Gaza's 'tyrants' for their apparent lack of religious fundamentalism.

    Pissrael's enemies are always The Islamic State's enemies. It's amazing that there are people who still don't understand what's going on here.

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    Israel could rely on ISIS to contain Iranian expansion – Israeli intelligence-linked report

    A new study from a think-tank closely affiliated with Israeli intelligence says that Islamic State attacks are among the few remaining weapons holding back an Iranian sphere of influence that could soon stretch from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean. (...) Although ostensibly an NGO, ITIC is part state-funded, has an office at the Israeli Defense Ministry, and has often served as the informal voice of the country’s intelligence services. (...) Israel is hoping that the alliance of Sunni populations, Islamic terrorists, major world powers, will combine with regional chaos to prevent what it regards as the most dangerous scenario.

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    I don't think Turkey is rich enough to be paying them off, but rather they are paying off turkey for refuge. might backfire on them here in a bit, but turkey, while needing to be busted up, is NATOs baby.

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    Oberlin Fires Anti-Semitic Professor Who Said Jews and Israel Were Behind ISIS and 9/11

    Yesterday evening, after a lengthy investigation, Oberlin College officially dismissed Joy Karega, a non-tenured professor and writing instructor who had moonlighted as a purveyor of anti-Semitism online. Among other outlandish exploits, Karega had shared material on Facebook accusing Israel and Jews of being behind ISIS, 9/11, and the Charlie Hebdo attack. She also infamously posted a meme in which Jewish banker Jacob Rothschild is shown proclaiming, “We own your news, the media, your oil, and your government.”

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