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Thread: Jews are liars/con men who fake "antisemitic hate crimes"

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    Does Philly have a new sock?

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    I'm willing to pay triple the price for *igger *ick in mouth.

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    Here we have a jewish leader from France who faked "antisemitic" phone calls to himself:

    Jew admits staging threatening calls

    The head of Likud France admitted staging anti-Semitic phone calls to himself.

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    In Times of Israel we can read about how jew boy Joshua Ryne Goldberg pretended to be a Muslim terrorist:

    Florida Jew arrested for posing as online jihadist, encouraging terrorism

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    Let's not forget "holocau$t survivor" Herman Rosenblat who was exposed as a fraud:

    Rosenblat has apologized and claimed that "It was my imagination, and in my mind, I believed it. Even now, I believe it.",[2] and he also said that he did it to bring happiness and hope to people.[6] (…) Salomon has asked Rosenblat to donate all the earnings of the film to Holocaust survivor charities[10]:2[14] but Rosenblat refused.[17]

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    Jew boy Zachary Tennen claims that he was assaulted by "neo-Nazis", is exposed as a liar:

    Zachary Tennen, Michigan State Jewish Student, Not The Victim Of Hate Crime: Prosecutor, Anti-Defamation League

    "There is no indication at all that this was a hate crime... None. Zero," Dunnings told the Lansing Journal. "I think it's a shame when one person makes an allegation, and everyone takes it as the truth and gets up in arms about it."

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    Here's another lying jewess:

    Breanne Coventry Snell, 24, of Midlothian, Va., is charged with two counts of giving false information to police and one count of unsworn falsification. Each charge is a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison. (…) She told police two men shoved her up against a fence and used a number of anti-Semitic slurs related to Nazism. (…) “It didn’t happen,” UNH Police Chief Nicholas Halias said yesterday.

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    Sad, little tribe desperate to rule the world.

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    when I clicked on the link to #15, my laptop froze under the guise of windows update. LOL!..................fucking jews

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