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Thread: Pissrael's chief rabbi: "Non-jews must either serve us or leave the country"

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    Israel to send more than 16,000 African migrants to Western countries

    Israel has agreed to cancel plans to deport thousands of migrants to third countries after striking a deal with the United Nations Refugee Agency. According to the agreement, Israel will send at least 16,250 African migrants to countries in the West after reaching an "unprecedented understanding" with the UNHCR, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday.

    16,000 African refugees come to Pissrael, but the pissraeli authorities don't want them there, so they dump them in Western countries.

    This is how jews operate. They push for multiculturalism in white countries, but not in Pissrael which must remain a jewish state.

    And to think that there are American "conservatives" who say "jews are our allies. They share our values".

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    Here's an example of how jews control the NBA:

    Israeli Minister Forced NBA To Scrub ‘Occupied’ From Palestine Listing

    Israel’s minister for sports and culture recently pressured the National Basketball Association to delete the word “occupied” from a listing for the “Palestinian Territories,” the Guardian reported. (...) In asking the NBA’s commissioner, Adam Silver, to remove the word from the site, Israel’s culture minister, Miri Regev, cited President Donald Trump’s recent decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

    And by the way, this is the same Miri Regev who says that African refugees who come to "her" country are a cancer, and who thinks that Palestinian women and children should be shot:

    Pissrael's minister of culture says Palestinian children should be shot

    Here's Miri with make-up/airbrush/photoshop:

    And here's Miri – the way she really looks:

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    Here's a short excerpt from an excellent article by the White Nationlist Matthew Heimbach:

    We’re All Palestinians

    Seeing Jews using weapons made illegal under international law, bombing civilians, torturing people without trial, destroying Palestinian homes, killing foreign nationalist leaders, attacking other countries without a declaration of war, and working to subvert all their neighbors makes almost everyone in the world justifiably angry. There’s no coherent way to defend Israel’s actions, and the West’s Jewish media no longer possesses the monopoly on news necessary to make the whole thing look coherent.

    The Jews are so full of themselves, and so confident that the American golem they have created will protect them, that they feel no need to abide by any standards of human decency. Israel has been condemned by the United Nations over forty times, including statements identifying that “the strategic relationship with the United States encourages Israel to pursue aggressive and expansionist policies and practices.” (...) Palestine is perhaps the clearest example in modern times to be able to showcase to the world and our own people the brutality of the Jews, their hatred of anyone who isn’t Jewish, and their plans to not only create Greater Israel but to control the entire globe.

    The Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) is a neo-Nazi, white nationalist group based in the United States. Established in 2013 by Matthew Heimbach under the name Traditionalist Youth Network, the group promotes white separatism and a white supremacist view of Christianity. Part of the neo-Nazi Nationalist Front, the TWP has held a number of protests and other local events. Since 2015, the group also operated as a political party to run in elections for local office.

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    Those are some sorry ass motherfuckers !
    ​Im'a goin south , way down , appalachicola way

    When the day has lived it's course will you feel no remorse for creation of a nation that overran it's source .

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    Israeli sniper films shooting of unarmed Palestinian — and celebrates

    A video clip in which an Israeli sniper filmed himself shooting an unarmed Palestinian across the Gaza fence and then celebrating drew international outrage last night. The two Palestinian targets in the video appear simply to be walking around near the fence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    Sick, sadistic jews watch Palestinians being slaughtered as entertainment:
    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    Take a look at some of the jews who view the mass murder of children as entertainment:

    And then these pieces of garbage wonder why there is so much "antisemitism"...
    Here's another example of this sick jewish behavior:

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    Israel’s genocidal explanations for killing unarmed protesters are only isolating it further

    Israeli leaders have been making downright genocidal claims against Palestinians, and the rhetoric finally seems to be backfiring. The government’s line on “defending itself from terrorists” is not being swallowed by the world as easily as it used to be. Especially because those genocidal statements betray other than “defensive” intentions to the actions in Gaza. And the process is accelerating Israel’s delegitimization as a supposed liberal democracy.

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