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Thread: Jews are sick freaks who produce "Holocaust pornography"

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    So P.T.A. is black, Asian, white, jewish, Muslim...and mulatto? The geniuses of the LDL strike again.
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    She had no idea soros was a nazi collaborator who turned in his fellow jews for fun and profit during WW2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    Jews always demand respect from non-jews because of their alleged suffering during WWII (I say "alleged" because there are famous "holocau$t $urvivor$" who have been exposed as frauds), but don't you think that these demands ring hollow when so many jews become sexually aroused by concentration camp abuses?
    There are people who are attacked, persecuted, fined, fired from their jobs or even jailed for questioning certain aspects of the holocau$t, or simply for mocking it, and at the same time jews produce "Holocaust pornography" and become sexually aroused by concentration camp abuses.

    Do you see what's wrong with this picture, folks?

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    The famous jewish feminist Andrea Dworkin has written about "holocaust pornography" in one of her articles, and she claims that this sick, sadistic jew garbage is mainstream in Pissrael:

    You have to see it to believe it and even seeing it might not help. I've been sent it over the years by feminists in Israel--I had seen it--I didn't really believe it. (…) In it, Jewish women are sexualized as Holocaust victims for Jewish men to masturbate over. Well, would you believe it, even if you saw it? Israeli women call it "Holocaust pornography." The themes are fire, gas, trains, emaciation, death. (…) sprawled on the ground, apparently dead, with parts of their bodies severed from them (…) Even as you see a severed arm, a severed leg (…) These really were mainstream venues for violent pornography, with a preponderance of Holocaust pornography.

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    Let's take a look at the mentally ill liar/"holocau$t $urvivor" Yehiel De-Nur who wrote disgusting and deranged sex novels about concentration camps. He claimed that they were based on real events, but that turned out to be a lie:

    Yehiel De-Nur (…) was a Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor, whose books were inspired by his time as a prisoner in the Auschwitz concentration camp. His work, written in Hebrew, tends to "blur the line between fantasy and actual events" and consists of "often lurid novel-memoirs, works that shock the reader with grotesque scenes of torture, perverse sexuality, and cannibalism".[1]
    Na'ama Shik, a researcher at Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority in Israel, has claimed that The House of Dolls is pornographic fiction,[6]

    K. Tzetnik was a pseudonym for Yehiel Feiner De-Nur. The alias, short for the German for concentration camper, was meant to represent all survivors, a kind of Holocaust everyman. One of K. Tzetnik’s biggest literary successes, “Doll’s House,” published in 1953, told the story of a character purporting to be the author’s sister, serving the SS as a sex slave in Block 24, the notorious Pleasure Block in Auschwitz. Though a Holocaust classic, many scholars now describe it as pornographic and likely made up.

    I guess "blurring the line between fantasy and actual events" is a euphemism – or rather, a jewphemism – for lying.

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    The jewess Naomi Klein, who's a well-known leftist writer and social activist, condemns "holocaust pornography":

    "By far the most disturbing development in Israeli men's misogyny towards Israeli women is something known to Israeli women as "Holocaust pornography" where images of emaciated women near ovens, shower heads, cattle cars, and the like are used to sell clothing and other products."

    So sadistic violence against women is a common theme in Israeli advertising? That's remarkable, folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    Jews in Israel produce morbid Holocau$t-themed pornographic movies, which we can read about in the following article:

    But "Holocaust pornography" doesn't just consist of movies; it also consists of books, like the so called Stalags, which became a huge hit in Pissrael:

    What do you think about this, folks? All opinions are welcome.

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    Jews also "sexed up" the "holocau$t classic" Anne Frank's Diary by publishing a new and supposedly unedited version that contains pornographic passages:

    Anne Frank's Diary Too 'Pornographic' For 7th-Grade Students, Claims Michigan Parent

    It's pretty graphic, and it's pretty pornographic for seventh-grade boys and girls to be reading," Horalek told Fox 2. "It's inappropriate for a teacher to be giving this material out to the kids when its really the parents' job to give the students this information."

    I've often come across the claim that some parts of this book were written by Anne's father, Otto Frank, which makes this whole mess even more disturbing. Was he the one who wrote the disgusting passages about Anne's vagina, what it looks like when she urinates, etc.?

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    Holohoax porn pics or GTFO...

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