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Thread: Jews are sick freaks who produce "Holocaust pornography"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    Jews also "sexed up" the "holocau$t classic" Anne Frank's Diary by publishing a new and supposedly unedited version that contains pornographic passages:

    I've often come across the claim that some parts of this book were written by Anne's father, Otto Frank, which makes this whole mess even more disturbing. Was he the one who wrote the disgusting passages about Anne's vagina, what it looks like when she urinates, etc.?
    The degenerate hacks on the well-known jewish garbage site Jezebel (who usually write about feminism, homosexuality, excrement and women who sodomize men with strap-ons) think that this pornographic version of Anne Frank's Diary is great because it shows that she's a perfectly normal girl:

    Because, apparently, all young girls write detailed descriptions of their vaginas and toilet habits.

    Quote Originally Posted by sportyspliff View Post
    Holohoax porn pics or GTFO...
    In Holocaust Porn, Jewish women are shown squatting and defecating in packed trains. (…) a man dressed as a stormtrooper emptying a tank labeled "Gasoline" into a woman's mouth. (…) sprawled on the ground, apparently dead, with parts of their bodies severed from them (…) Even as you see a severed arm, a severed leg...

    Is this really something you want to see?

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    Um nevermind.

    Let's skip that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    Let's take a look at the mentally ill liar/"holocau$t $urvivor" Yehiel De-Nur who wrote disgusting and deranged sex novels about concentration camps. He claimed that they were based on real events, but that turned out to be a lie:

    I guess "blurring the line between fantasy and actual events" is a euphemism – or rather, a jewphemism – for lying.
    The "holocau$t $urvivor" Yehiel De-Nur testified at the trial of Adolf Eichmann, which is pretty amazing. A (non-jewish) man is accused of a crime that carries the death penalty, and the (jewish) court allows the testimony of a deranged, perverted, lying jew who wrote extremely lurid and twisted sex novels that he claimed were based on real "nazi" atrocities, but which turned out to be fictitious garbage.

    Apparently, this nutjob collapsed before he was able to finish his testimony:

    After a rambling opening statement in which De-Nur described Auschwitz as the "planet of the ashes", he collapsed and gave no further testimony.

    As we all know, Eichmann was executed, so one has to wonder: how many more of his jewish accusers were lying sickos like Yehiel De-Nur? Or am I an "antisemite" for asking this obvious question?

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    Here's another important news story from the country that brought you "holocaust pornography". Apparently, Israel's Burger King is putting sadomasochistic sex toys in its greasy, unhealthy burger specials.

    This Israeli Burger King Offers Sexy Toys In Its ‘Adult Meal’

    This is an Israel-only deal, even though Israelis don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s Day.

    The Jewish Daily Forward tells us that this is "an Israel-only deal". Now there's a shocker, folks.

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    Stalags (Hebrew: סטאלגים, Stalagim‎, also known in English as Stalags: Holocaust and Pornography in Israel[1]) is a 2008 documentary film produced by Barak Heymann and directed by Ari Libsker. The film examines the history of Stalags, pornography books that featured sexy female Nazi officers sexually abusing camp prisoners.

    If you're interested you can watch the trailer on Youtube:

    In it you can see, among other things, how some nutty old jew talks about his sexual attraction to "Nazi" women.

    Keep in mind, though, that these trashy jewish books called Stalags are just "soft porn". There are much more extreme and disgusting forms of "holocaust pornography", like the sick garbage that I wrote about in some of my previous posts, which features naked jewesses who defecate in packed trains, and get raped and tortured by jews who dress up as "Nazis".

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    Jews lecture us on the evils of the holocau$t – and then they go home and masturbate to Schindler's Fist and Gas Who's Coming to Dinner. Yes, I can see why they call themselves "God's chosen people".

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    In their essay Holocaust Pornography: Obscene Films and Other Narratives, Michael J. Hoffman and Andrew S. Gross write the following about Yehiel De-Nur's sick trash book House of Dolls:

    The book enjoyed an uneasy but wide popularity in Israel during the early years of statehood because of its detailed accounts of the camps and the quasi-pornographic style of its descriptions.

    A book that has been described as "lurid novel-memoirs, works that shock the reader with grotesque scenes of torture, perverse sexuality, and cannibalism" enjoyed "wide popularity in Israel". What does this say about jews?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposing_The_Hate_Tribe View Post
    Oh, absolutely. Just look at jew pornographer Ira Isaacs whose movies feature excrement and sex with animals:
    Ira Isaacs. "Trust me."

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    I just started a thread which is the umpteenth example of how sick and sleazy jews exploit the holocau$t:

    Repulsive old jew hags compete in "Miss Holocaust Survivor" beauty pageant

    Yeah, these people are sick in the head.

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    A naked game of tag was filmed at a Nazi gas chamber. Survivors’ groups demand to know who gave the OK.

    Groups representing Holocaust survivors have asked Poland’s president to explain why artists were allowed to film a naked game of tag inside a gas chamber in the former Nazi death camp of Stutthof. (...) “It is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in a long time,” Efraim Zuroff, the Wiesenthal Center’s chief Nazi hunter, said in 2015 about the exhibition. “They lied about it. It is just revolting and a total insult to the victims and anyone with any sense of morality or integrity.”

    Yeah, but jews producing "holocaust pornography" in which jews dress up as "Nazis" and rape and torture jewesses, that's perfectly fine? Oy gevalt.

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