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Thread: Jew doctor is pushing for sex-change treatment for white children

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    Here's an article from Jerusalem Post which shows how jews are pushing the "transgender" issue:

    At the same time, the Jewish community is coming to terms with how to include transgender Jews in synagogues, workplaces, schools and summer camps. (…) The Orthodox LGBT group Eshel is making inroads among more traditionally observant Jews. The group consults with Orthodox rabbis, holds Shabbat retreats for LGBT people and provides support for Orthodox parents struggling to accept their child's gender or sexual identity. "The rabbis of the Talmud were way more comfortable identifying and talking about a spectrum of gender identity (…) Kushner said the higher visibility of transgender issues in pop culture is emboldening trans people to "come out" and be spokespeople for the cause.

    And of course, "the higher visibility of transgender issues in pop culture" was created by jews who dominate the American entertainment industry, which I've shown in this thread.

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    Take a look at the following article, folks:

    NY will soon make it easier for trans youths to delay puberty

    New York is the latest state to grapple with the issue, with three recent court decisions extending Medicaid coverage to trans people. In March 2015, the New York State Department of Health announced that Medicaid could cover some "medically necessary" services, a common designation used by insurers. Four months later, U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff ruled that Medicaid must also cover procedures the state had previously called "cosmetic," including breast augmentation and tracheal shaving. However, these decisions still excluded coverage for people under 18 years old.

    And yes, the judge Jed Saul Rakoff just happens to be a jew. And the person who wrote this PBS article, which is nothing more than a pro-transsexual propaganda piece, is Corinne Segal, who also happens to be jewish. Gee, what are the odds?

    Corinne Segal. "Trust me".

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