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Thread: NFL's SF Forty-Niggers reject National Anthem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob View Post
    It's your fantasy, not mine.
    Nightmare? Yes.

    Fantasy? No.
    Read the fine print.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jhoffa_X View Post
    We're like the Partridge Family, except we don't get along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelastsoberguy View Post
    Nightmare? Yes.

    Fantasy? No.
    Yet it's practically all you talk about.
    Quote Originally Posted by PTA View Post
    If Trump wins, I'll leave DLP.

    "Mon cher Billy, tu es un homme plus masculin, est tres beau, aussi. Son organ masculin c'est incroyable, plus enorme, tous les dames sont tailler un pipe."

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